Colonial homes on Range Road, Dorchester, Boston

Peabody Slope Neighborhood Association

Peabody Slope is an urban neighborhood with a diverse community in the revitalized Ashmont-Peabody Square district of Dorchester. A core of meticulously-maintained mid-20th century Colonial-style homes and two-family houses front tree-lined streets in the compact nine blocks just steps away from the T and a short ride downtown.


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The association will meet periodically, as circumstances dictate. Details to be announced via the Facebook page.

Peabody Square, Ashmont

The heart of a revitalized district of Boston's Dorchester area


Peabody Square, Ashmont

Treadmark was built on a site formerly occupied by an auto repair shop – an auto shop whose owner was known for his quality workmanship and a tendency to honor his customers with great deals. 

Treadmark is a smart, sustainable structure that maintains a strong visual connection to the auto shop it replaced. The building is enveloped in gray ironspot brickwork interspersed with clean, vertical aluminum panels that give the structure a distinctly modern feel. Stylistically, the exterior’s sharp, straight edges and angular corners set the building apart from the surrounding redbrick landscape. Large, garage-bay-style openings on the ground floor lead foot-traffic into the sizable retail spaces: another aesthetic and functional nod to the site’s industrial roots. 

Inspired by early 20th Century factory architecture and driven by the spirit of Ashmont Tire, Treadmark strikes a stunning modern figure against the brick-stone backdrop of Peabody Square.

1971-1977 Dorchester Ave,  Boston, MA 02124

For more information visit the TREADMARK website

Treadmark - Peabody Square, Ashmont

Peabody Square, Ashmont 

American Provisions
AMERICAN PROVISIONS is now open in the new TREADMARK building. Visit their website for more information -- "In a world of big box retailers and wholesale clubs, knowing where our food comes from is important to us. We strive to offer our community and visitors carefully selected artisan cheese, charcuterie, and specialty foods. We work hard to find products that are produced sustainably by people committed to crafting small batch, high quality, hand-made products. We also work passionately to understand our customers on a personal level, understanding your needs so we can provide an in-depth understanding of the products you like, a welcoming atmosphere, and an enjoyable experience.

Whenever possible, we carry products from producers who are dedicated to supporting their local communities and using methods that respect the environment at the source of their products. There is a powerful story behind each product we sell, and we are proud to share it with you."
American Provisions - Treadmark - Ashmont - Proposd store opening 2017
American Provisions - Treadmark - Ashmont - Proposed store opening 2017



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